Art pieces

Site specific pieces
Ocean Shield Tuileries Garden, Paris, Fiac, 2009
Slowing Down Eye Fluttering Le Parvis Art Center, France, 2010
View of the XXth Century Le Parvis Art Center, 2010
Solipsism Jousse Entreprise Gallery, Paris 2011
Ophelia Jousse Entreprise Gallery, Paris 2014
Zhang-Laffitte Maisons-Laffitte Castle, France 2014
The Day They Arrived Galerie du Dourven, France, 2015
Africa Lines Esquibien, France, 2015
The Didier Daurat School’s Secrets, 2015

Performances and process
The Audit consulting process, 2008
The Holy Flag miracle, 2009
Do you feel normal? poll, 2009
measure of the working time of an artist, 2012
Project for Venice #1 application for the Venice Biennial, 2014
Bugs, performances, 2015
Project for Venice #2 application for the Venice Biennial, 2016

Videos, short movies and video installations
Safe Society 2 min, 2003
The 2008 Village 20 min, 2010
Attila’s Garden 33 min, 2012
The Cargo Ship video installation, 2013
Münster 48 min, 2016
The Male Bee 2016

Interactives pieces
Wager 1.0 cdrom, 1999
Flirt 1.0
séduction game, 2000
Vigilance 1.0
video-surveillance game, 2001
Bliss interactive video, 2001
Oblomov interactive video, 2001
One minute of silence interactive video, 2003
Doro bibloc vocal server, 2003
The Butterfly vidéo interactive, 2005

NS, paintings on wood / site-specific intervention, 2007
Chicken Bench fight sotware, 2007
First contacts drawings on photographies, 2014