Flirt 1.0
seduction game, 2000

«Flirt both names the game of seduction and the idea of an abrupt movement, of a bump. Martin Le Chevallier's game plays on both meanings of the term, as if one significance was calling the other. He invites to make oneself involved into the chances and risks of an encounter : according to the choices the player makes at each stage, either the seduction will succeed or il will fail. Those arborescent or fractal journeys are also spasmodic series jumping from images to images : very brief movie sequences, extracted from films deeply anchored in the cinephilic memory, are the episodes the player sets off thanks to his cleverness or by chance. It's more than a multipath game, a game with films and their images : time has come to look back to the whole film history as an history which is less made of stories or personal styles than of schemes, archetypes, cliches and references that comes back from films to films, from auhors to authors, form actors to actors – as from a slap to a kiss, from a farewell to a reunion. This game does not give us the movie as a spectacle or an entertainment, but as a stroll in an autonomous world of images, certainties, obviousness, with their closures and their openings. It emphasizes a turning point in our relationship to the screen : a distance which confers a new closeness.»

Jean-Luc Nancy, 2000.


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