Safe Society
texte de la voix off


«Have you ever dreamt of a world where your daughter could go out alone at night? A world without violence, drugs or theft. A world where cars don’t kill, neighbors are not a danger. A world from which pollution has disappeared, where diseases are curable and health a god-given right.

This world has a name

You’ll know the pleasure of risk without danger
You’ll enjoy the peace of an insured life.

Energies will be clean, disasters indemnified.
War will be surgical, weapons non-lethal, damages collateral, fires friendly, terrorists terrorizable.
Responsibilities will be limited, money demonetized, capital risk-free, property guaranteed.
Cars will be accident-proof, trash cans bomb-proof, kids disease-free,
Sex will be safe.
Food will be healthy, whiskey non alcoholic, and junk food non-fattening.
Employment will be full, work disalienated, exploitation guilty-free. Neurosis will be under control, drives sublimated, deviancies
eradicated, normality guaranteed.

This world is made for you.