Current exhibition

– Solo exhibition in Far West, Penmarc’h (France), from April 15 to May 20 2023. Curated by Françoise Lebeau.
– « Escape », Alliances Françaises (in 6 countries and 14 cities in 2022). Curated by Eric Boulo and Antonin Fourneau.
– Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris. Digital artworks displayed from September 2022.

Next exhibitions

– Art center Les Tanneries, Amilly (France). Curated by Éric Degoutte.

Solo exhibitions


– “The Kicked in the Teeth Strategy”, Jousse Entreprise Gallery, Paris, from March 6 to May 22 2021.

– “Ici autrefois” (Here, in days gone by), Orléans (France), public space, April-May 2020.

– “The Male bee”, in the Champs Libres cultural center, in Rennes (France) from November 22 2016 to January 22 2017.

– “The day they arrived”, Solo show in the art center, La galerie du Dourven (french Brittany), from June 27 to November 1 2015.

– “The Ancestors's Office”, in the Jousse Entreprise Gallery
, Paris, from March 15 to April 12 2014.

– “Solipsismes”, in the Jousse Entreprise Gallery, in Paris, from February 26 to March 26 2011.

– “Ralentir ses battements de paupières” (“Slow down his eyelids blinkings”), in the art center Le Parvis in Pau and Tarbes (France), from January 23 to March 20 2010.

– “The Holy Flag”, in the Jousse Entreprise gallery, in Paris, from April 25 to June 20 2009.
– “The Audit”, in La Chaufferie, gallery of the école supérieure des Arts décoratifs de Strasbourg (France), from the 19th to the 22nd of March 2009.

– “The Audit”, in the Maisonneuve gallery, from September 6 to October 11 2008, in Paris.

– “Jouer”, exhibition organized by Vanessa Caque in La Centrifugeuse in Pau (France) from January 26 to February 29 2006.

– “Just believe” («Il suffit d’y croire»), in the Maisonneuve gallery, from January 13 to March 12 2005, in Paris.
– Solo exhibition in the "
Espace multimedia Gantner", territoire de Belfort (France), curated by Bertrand Gauguet, from April 8 to May 14 2005.
– Solo exhibition in the french cultural center of Torino (Italy), from October 4 to November 12 2005.


– Co-curating of the Art Souterrain festival, Montréal, 2-24 March 2019.
– “Make Truth Great Again”, exhibition curated by Martin Le Chevallier in the Jousse Entreprise gallery in Paris, from March 11 to April 8, 2017.

Group shows

– «Fiat Lux», centre Tignous d'art contemporain, Montreuil-sous-Bois (France), from January 20 to March 15 2023. Curated by Julien Taïb.

– «Plastic Danse Flore», Potager du Roi, Versailles, September 10-11 2022.
– Opening exhibition of Jackmousse ± in Montreuil-sous-Bois (France), from the 8th to the 11th of December 2022. Curated by Vincent Labaume.

– Art Souterrain Festival, Montreal, from the 10th to the 30th of April 2021.
– “Les mondes bricolés”, Quinconce, Montfort-sur-Meu (France), from August 2 to September 10 2021. Curated by Doriane Spiteri.
– “The Supermarket of Images”, Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing, from May 27 to October 10. Curated by Peter Szendy, Marta Ponsa and Emmanuel Alloa.
– “Le monde en 1500”, Château de Kerjean (France), from May 19 to October 31 2021. Curated by Sabrina Bisson.
– « Escape », Alliances Françaises (in Algeria, Belgium, Costa Rica, Egypt, France, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Peru and Turkey, among others). Curated by Eric Boulo and Antonin Fourneau.

– “Art souterrain”, contemporary art festival, February 29 - March 22 2020, in Montréal.
– “Le supermarché des images” in Le Jeu de Paume, Paris, February 10 - June 7 2020. Curated by Peter Szendy, Marta Ponsa and Emmanuel Alloa.
– “Afterparty”, Fondation du doute, Blois (France), September 12 - November 29 2020. Curated by Élodie Bernard.

– Art Souterrain festival, Montreal, Canada, 2-24 March 2019.
– “Pourquoi faire”, L’Été 78, Brussels, November 9 - december 15 2019. Curated by Renato Casciani.
– “Et toi… tu fais quoi dans la vie ?”, galerie Jeune Création, Romainville (France), November 23 2019 - January 12 2020. Curated by Pauline Coste et Coralie Gelin.

– Film program in the Théâtre des Amandiers, Nanterre (France) and sound installation in the theatre's garden, February-May 2018.
– “Labor Improbus”, Art souterrain festival, from the 19th to the 25th of March 2018, in Montréal.
– “Work hard. Have fun. Make history”, exhibition curated by Renato Casciani in the Delta Studio, in Roubaix (France) from April 14 to May 14 2018.
– “AT WORK3”, écomusée de l’Avesnois (France), from April 28 to August 26 2018. Curated by Éric Fossey.
– « Que fais-tu dans la vie ? », PointCulture de Bruxelles, October 5 - December 1 2018. Curated by Joséphine Kaeppelin and Solange Wonner.

– «Le son entre», exhibition curated by Pascale Cassagnau and Keren Detton in the Frac Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France), from April 29 to December 31 2017.
– «Transhumance», exhibition curated by Marianne Lanavère in the Centre international d’art et du paysage de Vassivière (France), from June 25 to Novembre 5 2017.
– “Icomania”,
exhibition curated by Florence Guionneau-Joie, in the Maif Social Club in Paris, from January 12 to March 31 2017.
– “Le suaire de Turing”, campus IUT 1 in Evry and Domaine de Chamarande (France), from March 5 to May 14 2017. campus IUT 1, Evry et Domaine de Chamarande. Commissariat : Julie Sicault Maillé.

– “La Rhétorique des marées. Vol. 2”,
exhibition curated by Ariane Michel in the art center La Criée (Rennes, France) from March 18 to May 22 2016.
“Tracing the Future”, exhibition curated by Stéphane Symons, Eva Wittocx and Hilde Van Gelder on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the publication of Thomas Moore's Utopia, in the M Museum and several venues in Leuven (Belgium) from September 29 to November 22 2016.

– “Ephemeral Video Library” in Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona, from May 5 to June 22 2015.
– “The New Festival”, Pompidou Center, Paris, from April 15 to July 20 2015.
– “La rhétorique des marées”, exhibition curated by Ariane Michel and the art center La Criée (Rennes, France) in Esquibien (french Brittany) from July 5 to September 30 2015.
– “Constructeurs d'absurde - Bricoleurs d'utopie”,
exhibition curated by Caroline Bissière and Jean-Paul Blanchet in the centre d'art contemporain de Meymac (France) from July 11 to November 1 2015.
– Exhibition with Anne Le Chevallier in the Médiathèque de Fontenay-aux-Roses (France), from the 1st to the 26th September 2015.
– “Global Games”,
exhibition curated by Stephan Schwingeler in the ZKM in Karlsruhe (Germany) from August 11 2015 to April 17 2016.

– “Par les temps qui courent”, exhibition curated by Le Grand Café in the LiFE, in Saint-Nazaire (France), from December 7 2013 to January 12 2014.
–“Impedance: Games & Resistance”, in InterAccess in Toronto, during the Vector Festival, from the 19th to 23rd February 2014.
–“Les bouillants”, festival in Vern-sur-Seiche (France), from April 6 to June 1 2014.
– “Les nouveaux monstres”, exhibition in l’Avant-Seine, in Colombes (France), from May 30 to June 15 2014.
– “L’Habit de Château”, exhibition curated by Aurélie Wacquant in the château de Maisons-Laffitte (France), from September 13 to October 26 2014.
– “Immersion at Beit Ha’ir”, in the Beit Ha'ir Museum, in Tel Aviv, from May to November 2014.
– “Inventing the Possible, Ephemeral Video Library”, curated by Hilde Van Gelder and Marta Ponsa, in the Jeu de Paume, in Paris, from October 14 2014 to February 15 2015.

– Group show in the Jousse Entreprise Gallery, in Paris, from January 12 to February 23 2013.
– “Willem mais aussi...”, in the Maison des Arts de Malakoff (France), from April 25 to July 7 2013.

– “Metropolis”, exhibition curated by Annie Aguettaz in Arteppes, from April 26 to June 16 2012 in Annecy (France).
– “Número tres, de la casa a la fábrica”, from May 31 to September 30 2012, in La Virreina, in Barcelona (Spain).
– «Niet Normaal», exhibition
curated by Ine Gevers in the Bluecoat in Liverpool, from July 13 to September 2 2012.
– “Temps étrangers”, from the 7th to the 30th of September 2012 in Mains d’Œuvres in Saint-Ouen (France). Curating : Cartel de Kunst (collective).

– “Salons de lecture”, exhibition curated by Sandrine Wymann in the Kunsthalle in Mulhouse (France), from February 2 to March 3 2011.
– “Paranoïa”, Exit festival, curated by Charles Carcopino, from the 10th to the 20th of March 2011 in the Maison des arts in Créteil (France), and from March 24 to April 3 2011 in the VIA festival in Maubeuge (France).
– “Niet Normaal”, exhibition curated by
Ine Gevers, in the Kleisthaus, in Berlin, from March 3 to May 29 2011.
– “2011 - Group Show”, group show in the Jousse Entreprise, in Paris, from November 26 to December 26 2011.

– “IP Détournement”, event curated
by Tania Bruguera, from the 8th to the 13th of September 2010, in the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
– “Playful & Playable, Critica y Experimentacion con Videojuegos”, exhibition
curated by Lara Sánchez Coterón from June 24 to September 15 2010 in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country, Spain).
– “The last feast”, group show in the Jousse Entreprise Gallery, in Paris, from February 20 to April 20 2010.

– “Manufacturing Today”, bi-annual curated by Cristina Ricupero in Trondheim (Norway), from April 17 to May 16 2010.
– “Son filetage mord dans la matière et sa tête tient l’assemblage”, exhibition curated by Josué Rausher in the Sol-Mur-Plafond Gallery, from May 13 to June 26 2010 in Marseille (France).
Fiac, Jousse Entreprise Gallery, from the 21st to the 24th of October 2010, in Paris.

“(des)-alter-est”, exhibition curated by Renato Casciani in the Le Carré Gallery and in the Jardin des Modes, in Lille (France), from November 20 2009 to January 27 2010.
Fiac, in the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris, from the 20th to the 25th October 2009.
– “Au pied de la lettre”, exhibition
curated by Judith Quentel in the Domaine départemental de Chamarande (France) from May 17 to September 20 2009.
– “Opération tonnerre”, in the art center Mains d’Œuvres, in Saint-Ouen (France), from April 18 to May 17 2009.
– “Niet Normaal”, exhibition curated by
Ine Gevers, in the De Beurs van Berlage, in Amsterdam, from December 16 2009 to March 7 2010.

– "Fiac", in the Maisonneuve gallery, from the 23rd to the 26th of October 2008, in Paris.
– “L'homme merveilleux", exhibition curated by
Christian Debize, in the Malbrouck Castle (France), from March 21 to August 31 2008.
–“Les ateliers de Rennes”, Contemporary Art biennal, curated by Raphaële Jeune, from May 16 to July 20 2008, in Rennes (France).
– "Le bruissement des images", exhibition
curated by Stéphane Carrayrou in the Centre Photographique d'Ile de France in Pontault-Combault (France) from January 23 to March 22 2008.

– “Playtime”, exhibition curated by Arnaud Stinès in “Rurart” (Poitou, France), from March 15 to June 10 2007.
– "New Horizons" in the Centrale Electrique, in Brussels, from March 24 to May 6 2007.
– "New Horizons" in the Marco in Vigo (Spain) from June 1 to September 23 2007.
– "Fiac", in the Maisonneuve gallery, from the 18th to the 22nd of October 2007, in Paris.
– "Du machinique et du vivant", exhibition
curated by Régis Durand in La Réserve (galerie Xippas), in Pacy-sur-Eure (France), from October 7 2007 to January 12 2008.

– "Projections", exhibition curated by Philippe Cyroulnik in the 10neuf in Montbéliard (France), December 15 2007 to January 13 2008.

– "Re : Re", exhibition curated by Jean-Marc Chapoulie in the Espace Paul Ricard, in Paris, from the 3rd to the 24th of March 2006.
– "Unexpected Arthome", exhibition co-organized by the Maisonneuve gallery, in Arthome in Brussels, from April 22 to May 7 2006.
– «Les Futurs de l’écrit», exhibition in the Abbaye de Noirlac (France) from the 21st to the 24th of September 2006.
– "This is America",
exhibition curated by Meta Knol in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht (Netherlands), from June 24 to October 7 2006.
– "Coup de cœur IV : Nouvel horizon",
exhibition in the Crac Alsace, in Altkirch (France), from September 3 2006 to February 11 2007.

– "GameScenes", exhibition in the "Piemonte Share Festival", from February 25 to March 1 2005, in Torino (Italy).
– "Trans_images", exhibition from the 3rd to the 10th May 2005, in the Casino Bellevue, in Biarritz (France).
– “Populism”, exhibition curated by Lars Bang Larsen, Cristina Ricupero and Nicolaus Schafhausen, in four places:
• the Contemporary Art Center, from April 8 to June 5 2005 in Vilnius;
• the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, from April 15 to September 4 2005, in Oslo;
• the Stedelijk Museum, from April to September 4 2005, in Amsterdam;
• the Frankfurter Kunstverein from May 10 to September 4 2005 in Francfort (Germany).
– "Pluriel(les) 3. Les intentions d’une collection", exhibition organized by the Fond Municipal d'Art contemporain de la Ville de Paris in the Cité Internationale des Arts from Septembre 21 to October 30 2005.

– Interactive gallery of the «Némo» festival, from the 9th to the 12th of march 2004, in Paris.
– "BananaRAM", from the 6th to the 11th of June 2004 in Ancona (Italy).
– "Liste 04, The Young Art Fair", from the 15th to the 20th of June 2004, in Basel (Switzerland).
– "Common property", 6th Werkleitz Biennale, in the Volkspark Halle(Saale), from the 1st to the 5th of september 2004, in Berlin.
– “Game Time”, exhibition curated by Isabelle Arvers et Antoanetta Ivanova , from the October 1st to November 14 2004, in the State library of Victoria, in Melbourne (Australia).
– “Games with an agenda”, exhibition curated by Gonzalo Frasca and Ian Bogost in the Curzon Soho, from October 16 to November 7 2004, in London.
– "Arrêté", exhibition curated by Ruth Horak in the Vienna Kunstraum, from December 2 2005 to January 14 2006.
– "O.F.N.I. (Objets filmiques non identifiés)",
exhibition in the Institut Français de Barcelone (Spain), from november 17 2005 to January 11 2006.

– "The peripheries become the center", Prague biennial, July-August 2003.
– "Art Digital Vidéo", travelling exhibition organized by the Afaa (foreign ministry association for arts), from 2003.
– "Time-Warp", exhibition in the Maisonneuve gallery, from September 10 to October 31 2003, in Paris.
– "Fiac", in the Maisonneuve gallery, from the 8th to the 13th of October 2003, in Paris.
– "Artissima", in the Maisonneuve gallery, from the 6th to the 9th of November 2003, in Torino.

– "Big Torino 2002", Biennial of Turin, from April 19 to May 19 2002.
– "Art & Economy", exhibition organized by the Deichtorhallen Hamburg and the Siemens Kulturprogramm, from February 28 to June 23 2002, in Hambourg (Germany).
– "Tutto Normale", exhibition curated by Jérôme Sans, from June 21 to august 20 2002, in the Villa Medici in Rome.
– "Fundamentalisms of the New Order", exhibition organized by Charlottenborg Exhibition Building, Copenhagen and NIFCA (Nordic Institute of Contemporary Art, Helsinki). Curators: Lars Bang Larsen, Cristina Ricupero and Charlotte Brandt. From October 31 to December 8 2002.
– "Écritures numériques, Figures et miroirs de l'Autre", show organized by the École régionale des beaux-Arts de Valence, from November 29 to December 3 2002.

– "Connivence", Biennale de Lyon (France), from June 22 to September 23 2001.

– "Dial 33 then 1", demonstration curated by Cristina Ricupero, in September 2000, in the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki;

– "Playtimes", exhibition organized by students of l'école du Magasin, from January 16 to February 6 1999, in the École Supérieure d' Art de Grenoble (France);
– "Le temps libre, son imaginaire, ses aménagements, ses trucs pour s'en sortir", exhibition curated by Jean-Charles Masséra, from the 21st to the 29th of May 1999, in Deauville (France);
– Fiac, in the cyberespace of the delegation to the plastic Arts, from the 14th to the 20th of September 1999, in Paris;
– "Joint venture", exhibition curated by A.T Kearney and Beaux-Arts magazine, from September 29 to October 10 1999, in Neuilly;

– "A quoi rêvent les années 90?", exhibition curated by Jean-Charles Masséra, from April 25 to June 30 1998, in the centre d'art moderne Mira Phalaina in Montreuil (France);


Travelling Rennes, France

– Short Waves Festival, Poznan, Poland
– FIDMarseille, France
– Curtas, Vila do Conde, Portugal

Images mouvementées Paris

Festival de Brive France

– Baghdad International Film Festival

Parnü Film Festival Parnü, Estonia
FID Marseille Marseille, France
Festival Résistances Foix, France

– Kratkofil Plus, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cinemambiente Torino, Italy
Rencontres Cinéma-Nature France
Cinemaplaneta Mexico
– FFAT Munich, Germany
Travelling Rennes, France

Filmer le travail Poitiers, France
Festival du Film Court Francophone France

Brest European Short Film Festival France
Amiens International Film Festival France

Locarno International Film Festival

– Banana RAM, Ancona, Italy

Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival, American Museum of Natural History, New York.

– Némo Festival, Paris.

– Cinéma nouvelle génération, Lyon, France

Martin Le Chevallier’s art pieces are in the following collections:

– Musée national d'Art moderne (centre Georges Pompidou)
– Fonds national d'Art contemporain (Fnac, France)
– Fonds régional d'art contemporain Bretagne (France)
– Fonds municipal d'Art contemporain de la ville de Paris
– Bibliothèque nationale de France
– collection d'art contemporain du territoire de Belfort (France)

– Private collections