Obsolete Heroes

Thanks to the several french researchers and specialists who helped me to develop this project since 2017 and consider many solutions : electrical, chemical, bacteriological, fungal, entomological, etc.

Frédéric Barrière, electrochemist, Rennes 1
Patrick Bauchat
, chemist, Rennes 1
Carlos Blanco
, microbiologist, Rennes 1
Isabelle Bonnard
, restorer, BNF
Sylvie Bonnassie
, microbiologist, Rennes 1
Ewen Chardronnet
, author, journalist and curator
Soizic Chevance
, biochemist, Rennes 1
Xavier Coadic
, bio-hacktivist 
Gwennola Ermel
, microbiologist, Rennes 1
Emmanuel Ferrand
, mathematician, Paris 6
Guillian Graves
, bio-designer
Carole Husson
, painting restorer
Caroline Laffont
, bacteria and insects specialist, BNF
Bertrand Lavédrine
, historian and specialist of photography restoration
Bruno Le Namouric
, photography restorer
Jelena Orlovic
, bio-designer
Mickhael Pommier
, bio-designer
Bertrand Sainte-Marthe
, photography restorer, Archives nationales
Olivier Sire
, biochimist, Bretagne Sud University
Annie Trautwetter
, microbiologist, Rennes 1

And thanks to David Douard, Florim Hasani and Lisa Lavigne.